Team Testimonies

Donna and everyone at Port Realty,

I am still in Iraq and won't be able to make the customer appreciation day. I just found it a little funny that there is a customer appreciation day when it's you all at Swansboro Port Reality that I appreciate. I was talking to my buddy on a mission the other day about my property management company and how you guys make my investment so easy that I'm gun-shy about buying property anywhere other than in your area for fear of having problems that I haven't had to deal with as a result of your proficiency and professionalism. So, even though the event was meant as a customer appreciation day I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you all over there and everything that you do for me. Have a great day and I hope that you'll enjoy the appreciation day as much as everyone else. You deserve it!

Very Thankfully,

Miguel Barcelo